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The Commonwealth Quality Alliance is a quality standards initiative of the Virginia Wineries Association that works to reward and promote Virginia-grown wines, which began in the late fall of 2011. Find more information on the Commonwealth Quality Alliance website.



• The CQA seal may be placed on all approved bottles of Virginia wine, distinguishing Virginia's    quality wines to the consumer.
• The CQA seal assists with consumer choice – ultimately selling more wine and Virginia grapes as    well as driving more visits to Virginia's wineries.
• The CQA seal ensures that the wine is made with 100% Virginia grapes.
• Competitive cost analysis – your wines will receive both a chemical analysis and a sensory panel    evaluation for $170.00 with free shipping to the laboratory.
• You will receive your results from the analyses in a week or less.
• Bottled or pre-bottled wines may be submitted for analysis, allowing time for adjustments, if needed.
• The CQA is wine specific, not winery specific. Therefore, a winery can submit a portion of their    wines for CQA approval if they so choose.
• The CQA program is endorsed by the Virginia Vineyards Association, Virginia Winery Distribution    Company and brought to you by the Virginia Wineries Association.
• The Virginia Winery Distribution Company (VWDC) has included a sort feature for CQA wines in      their online ordering system for retailers.
• The CQA website will list each approved wine.
• The CQA website will list each of CQA's participating wineries.
• The CQA program will provide additional marketing for Virginia wines made from Virginia grapes.
• The CQA program will create buzz and excitement for Virginia wines in the local and national press.


Another added benefit to the CQA program is the America's Wine Trails app. America's Wine Trails has developed a smart phone app to highlight Wine Trails throughout the country. CQA has a banner ad on the site for consumers which provides a link to the CQA website and Facebook page.

Wineries who join CQA and submit a wine by June 30, 2013 will receive a prorated dues rate of $150. Dues renewal will begin July 1, 2013 and will be for one year ending June 30, 2014.

For a membership application, click here. For the new CQA submittal forms, click here. For shipping instructions, please click here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to your participation. Submit today and show your wine is 100% Quality and 100% Virginia.


A thriving wine industry is a growing one, so the VWA favors the industry's continued expansion statewide.