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VWA held its Annual Meeting on November 12th at Veritas Vineyards and Winery. We had over 190 people register for the meeting. The day was full of information useful to wineries. Please click on the links below to see the speakers' materials.

Hardship Exemption: Mary Beth Williams of Compliance & Consulting Group has developed a form letter to request a hardship exemption to send to VDACS for the Farm Winery Class A requirements regarding the percentage of farm-grown wine grapes from a vineyard. Click here for the letter in a fillable format. Request Letter


Transitioning from a Class A Farm Winery License to a Class B FarmWinery License: A number of wineries have asked about transitioning from a class A Farm Winery license to a Class B Farm Winery license. With a Class B license, the 51% requirement goes away, leaving you with only the requirement that no more than 25% of the fruit used in your wines comes from outside of Virginia. The Class B license is significantly more expensive, however:$3,725 for a Class B versus $190 for a Class A. In order to be eligible for a Class B Farm Winery License, the applicant must have held a Class A Farm Winery License for at least 7 years. If you want to upgrade to a Class B Farm Winery license, renewal time is the easiest time to do it.


Just send this letter with the corresponding check to ABC letting them know you'd like to be "reclassified as a Class B Farm Winery licensee" and include a copy of your current Farm Winery license. If you've already sent your Class A renewal in for 2013-2014, just note that in the letter, and include a check for $3,535, which is the difference in cost between the 2 categories of Farm Winery licenses. You can certainly request that reclassification at any point during the year, but if you do it outside of renewal time, the license fees will have to be pro-rated and the process is not as quick and simple. -

Revised Vineyard Lease Agreement

Transfer in Bond agreement

Agriculture Extension Office:
Click here http://www.ext.vt.edu/offices/index.html to identify which Department of Agriculture Extension Office covers your winery.

Banquet Permits:
Click here http://www.abc.virginia.gov/licensing/banquet.htm for information on banquet permits.

Grants: As we have begun gathering information for the Winery Resource Guide, we have compiled a list of grants available to Virginia Wineries.
Grants Available: Click here for information on available grants. If you are need of a grant writer, Winnie Canup has successfully helped us write several grants that have been awarded to VWA.

Here is Winnie's contact information:
Winnie Canup
Development Resource
1010 W. 42nd Street
Richmond, VA 23235


Records & Reporting
The new monthly report you file with ABC went into effect on January 1, 2013. To recap, the monthly excise tax report has been streamlined and ABC has agreed that 1 Purchase Order per month will suffice. It is a concise, 1 page report, and essentially requires a total of liters sold for the month, calculation of tax liability, and the purchase order number that covers the month. This report and your Purchase Order will be the only 2 items that need to be submitted to the state each month. 2 changes to note: 1) You NO LONGER have to create a corresponding invoice for these transfers from your bonded space to your retail space; and 2) You no longer need to include a price for the product on your monthly purchase order. Note that this report replaces only the previous "Wholesalers Summary of Wine Sales and Taxes." It does not impact your responsibility to file a shippers report if you also have a wine shippers permit.
Download the PDF Forms - Enter Information and Print. Purchase Order | Monthly Report


Virginia Wineries and Vineyards Intellectual Property - A summary of these rights. This issue was discussed in greater detail at the 2009 Annual Membership Meeting. By Ted Breiner at Breiner & Breiner LLC. Download Intellectual Property PDF


Information for: Breiner & Breiner, LLC

Regulation & Rules Round Up

Our first Regulation Round Up on July 17th was a great success, we had a packed house at James River Cellars. The response was so great that we are planning to have more of these seminars regionally. The Regulation and Rules Round Up planned for October 30th was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. The event has been rescheduled to Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Click here to register. If you registered for the October 30th event, you will not need to register again.


Here is a summary from Mary Beth Williams of Williams Consulting of what was discussed at the Regulation Round Up on July 17th. You will find useful forms and links here. (see attachment above) . Please feel free to contact Mary Beth Williams with any questions.


The Enology Service Laboratory:
VT EnologyThe Enology Service Laboratory at Virginia Tech, was established by Dr. Bruce Zoecklein to fulfill the analysis requirements of the regional wine industry. The goal of this analysis program is to provide very rapid turn-around, with optimum precision and accuracy. We will provide chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory analyses, including standardized reagents. This is a TTB certified lab.

For information on this lab service contact Dr. Bruce Zoecklein at bzoeckle@vt.edu.



Penn State Cooperative Extension


Virginia 2013 Commercial Grape Report