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Establish your winery business name and file with the State Corporation Commission if a partnership, LLC, or corporation


Get a business license in your local county


Get your Licenses
Federal and State Alcohol Licenses (allow 6-8 months prior to beginning production)*
State license - Farm Winery A – ABC License Form
Federal - TTB Winery Packet
Virginia Retail Sales Tax Account *

Review Mandatory Label Requirements *

Get Label Certificate of Label Approval *

Order labels

Order bottles, corks, and foils

Glasses for tasting room

Insurance *

Point-of-Sale Materials

Wine Bags *

Self-distribution/Virginia Wine Distribution Company *


Contact – Virginia Wine Marketing Office *

Join VWA!*

Resources for many of these items may be found on this site.
* Look at the Industry Links and Preferred Partners pages for more information on these items or call us if we can be of assistance.

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